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A video that says it all .... Water vessels, build them NOW

We made a start in Maastricht (see picture gallery) and we prepare for testing our 5 m3 water vessel building method in a very innovative way. What we do is to go public with it, the public in Berlin parks.

We invite the public to build together with us first the parts we need, then put those parts in place, reinforce the construction, plaster it. Our public will paint the vessels, build many more, paint many.

  1. We will do that in August 2018, in the month before we prepare for it. A bit later, winter 2018/19 some of us will go to Afrika and work in villages with local people, just as we did in Berlin. And by then we are experienced trainers! And how many people in Berlin would we have inspired to do the same?

Expect more news and info on our Water Vessel project soon!

Now, apart from viewing their beautiful video, also read this bit of inspiring text from a university in the US:
BH2O+ (Be Hope to Her) is an event on April 23, 2009, designed to turn students on campuses across the United States into advocates for those needing clean water access in the developing world. While guys sweep the campus to bring widespread awareness and education, ladies will walk in solidarity with the women and girls of Africa by actually carrying a bucket of water on their heads to the final rally point. Visit to find out ways you can become an advocate and get involved in providing water sanitation education and solutions to the developing world through BH2O+.