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Notes and correspondence re. the WaterVessels-project

After log in, at IDEO, I my find published Demotech's BridgeBuilders Challenge entry. Up to now 3 comments came in. One of them regarded the possibility of adding pictures to D's entry, that were lost when it crashed upon sending-in. Per 8/8/18 I asked if ading pictures was still possible

August 7 2018

Dear Adisa Adeniyi,
Yes, there are plenty of pictures of the WaterVessels and its construction. Please tell me where to send or post these pictures. Or is there a way to add them to the challenge entree that I wrote and somehow bucked up during its entry?
Two more people from IDEO ask for more WaterVessel info, please help me out!
Maybe by responding in this page or -easier for me- by mailing to
Reinder - Demotech, design for self-reliance, Maastricht, Netherland
People that could support the WaterVessel project and that should or could be contacted ....
- Foundation Chaordica, is kinf of followup to Mandril/ community in Maastricht. There I met Linda, who is now running Chaordica. They organise event with the purpose to include, to engage and toactivate people. Therefore Chaordica could enbrace and support actiities of WaterVessels.
Linda and Reinder are linked on Linkedin

Stichting Chaordica

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