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Common Bound Water Vessel Workshop Proposal

Common Bound organized a challenge to answer to their questioins raised, that were in line with ideas and practice of the WaterVessel project. I knew about this only one day before the deadline if submission. So I did a rougn job of the description of our project. But the questions of Common Bound were a very good guide. At this end I have got no prize out of it, but a document that otherwise would not have been written.

Workshop Description

Highlight and describe a way to engage the common Western urban public during their leisure time to learn a practical way to support all those affected by months of drought in Afrika. We offer workshops in public parks and teach participants a new method to make high-quality water vessels, that can contain 5 m3. For all it will be fun and of interest, for some, it will be an eye-opener, that will link them to the actual implementation of this new method in Afrikan villages.

5. How will your workshop address the practical questions of how we build the new economy?

In many ways:

- Engage people over the boundaries of location, culture, income, and present profession in a practical change, that will have an immediate impact wherever applied in practice.

- is more than aid, as no donations are needed or received, therefore cannot be corrupted or commercialized,

- is innovative, shows the way to get out of our commercial consumer life-style by innovating to include sustatinability, high funcional quality and invites local initiatives, as it is not based on capital inverstment,

- that is fun to do, has a steep learning curve, uses a technology that is applicable in many other ways as well.

6. What new skills or understanding will participants leave your workshop with?

The understanding of how to work in the design space, characterized by the Unknow-Unknows, the areas of solutions that have no direct commercial perspective, therefore escape being 'thought', yet naturally exist and can be retrieved and realized.

7. How will your workshop address the unique difficulties of building the new economy in historically marginalized and under-resourced communities? *

The need for water vessel in drought-affected areas is enormous. Cost is the main constraint. The innovative method applied in practice in the workshop is just one of the many examples of how deep poverty, as well as full sustainability, can be addressed by this design method. Cost is slashed to a level economicaly affordable in the 1$/day strada. Users will use their own economic structure, their own wits, their own tools. Also the project will address comunication of results using the soon generally available smartphone aa well as internet access.

Credibility for practical application is offerered by the history of what happened with a Demotech design based on the same pricipals: in 1980 we applied our desing that we named the Rope Pump near Bandung Indonesia. I worked with students from Yayasan Mandiri as instructors. Villagers had no problem with understanding its working, principles and means used. Within a few months, in tis village alone, 80 pumps were reported to have been constructed on their own initiative and at their own cost. These water wells were up to 30 meters deep, Find more on this approach at

8. Primary Track Listing

What track should your workshop be listed under? If your workshop doesn't fit under any of the thematic tracks you should select "General." You can find all of the track descriptions here.

- Activating Community Capital

9. How does your workshop support the goals and needs of this track?

- I copy this sentence from your own description of what is 'Activating Community Capital'. Because the tools and methods I use, are just what you describe in this sentence. Here this quote found at

"This track will provide attendees--whether civic leaders, local entrepreneurs, or investors--with information about the tools available today to create more equitable and resilient local economies and the knowledge necessary to leverage them to re-shape their local economies."(end quote).

The workshop will address how these rolls can profit from this method, how benchmarks can be set, how to prevent the derailing of the participatory process.

10. Secondary Track Listing

Are there other tracks that your workshop should be listed under? You can find all of the track descriptions here.

- Climate Solutions for a Just Transition

11. Please select as many of the following "tags" that apply to your workshop content.

- 101 (Beginner/Introductory Material)

- Gender Justice

- International Content

12. Who is invited to participate?

We recognize that it is sometimes valuable to have sessions that are safe spaces for people who share a certain identity. We welcome sessions of this variety but also expect that the majority of sessions at CommonBound will be open to all attendees.

- All attendees

14. What materials or services do you need for your workshop? (Select all that apply)

- Overhead projector / Beamer

- Other: 4 tables, cement & sand, water, materials to clean up after the workshop.