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Be hope to Her, BH2O+

Got fast feedback came from Bram in Berlin! He told me the link to BH2O+ (Be hope to her) was broken. When finding out what was the trouble, I discovered and other video and a better link to the NGO that is behind the BH20+ water-for-women events and actions.

Because this public event of students carrying water in a beautiful Italian city is very inspiring for our Berlin endeavor.

So the first thing to do is to learn from them. This is their website, check it out soonest:

But they have to learn about Demotech as well. Do not underestimate the practical value of the research we have done so far. Water vessels, million of them, newly to be built, are the solution for the problem of water scarcity for people in extreme poverty. Cost is now the main constraint. Our design for a 5 m3 cement water vessel slashes costs to a level even affordable in extreme poverty.

Interested? Then learn more about the still one billion people living in extreme poverty, why that problem still exist and how to work on it. Watch this video from Hans Rosling: