After log in, at IDEO, I my find published Demotech's BridgeBuilders Challenge entry. Up to now 3 comments came in. One of them regarded the possibility of adding pictures to D's entry, that were lost when it crashed upon sending-in. Per 8/8/18 I asked if ading pictures was still possible

August 7 2018

Common Bound Water Vessel Workshop Proposal


Common Bound organized a challenge to answer to their questioins raised, that were in line with ideas and practice of the WaterVessel project. I knew about this only one day before the deadline if submission. So I did a rougn job of the description of our project. But the questions of Common Bound were a very good guide. At this end I have got no prize out of it, but a document that otherwise would not have been written.

Workshop Description

Be hope to Her, BH2O+


Got fast feedback came from Bram in Berlin! He told me the link to BH2O+ (Be hope to her) was broken. When finding out what was the trouble, I discovered and other video and a better link to the NGO that is behind the BH20+ water-for-women events and actions.

Because this public event of students carrying water in a beautiful Italian city is very inspiring for our Berlin endeavor.

So the first thing to do is to learn from them. This is their website, check it out soonest:

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We made a start in Maastricht (see picture gallery) and we prepare for testing our 5 m3 water vessel building method in a very innovative way. What we do is to go public with it, the public in Berlin parks.

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