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Urban use for WaterVessels?

This article describes the reality of water services provided either by the municipality or small entrepreneurs. It concludes the importance of the latter group.
Demotech may have to research to introduce large volume storage for such entrepreneurs, possibly to be sold to people in slums at 10 liters at a time.
"Following independence from colonial rule, African governments struggled to cope with
the legacy of fragmented water services and new demands of peri-urban population growth.
Privatization was presented as a panacea that would expand and improve water supply. Small-
scale independent water providers (SSPs) were meanwhile often the only actors ensuring that
services were available to the peri-urban poor. Nonetheless, they were ignored and even vilified
in "pro-poor" strategies of water supply reform. Recent studies have actually demonstrated the
important role SSPs play in serving the poor in African cities, however, substantial knowledge
gaps remain."

(PDF) Comparison of small-scale providers' and.... Available from:[accessed Jul 28 2018].

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